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Was that your stomach growling? This is Boot Camp 101

Was that your stomach growling? Did you know that when your stomach growls it means that your metabolism has slowed down dramatically? Don’t allow yourself to get to that point! Eat small healthy portions more often. This is Toronto Boot Camp 101!

Going all day without eating will put your body into storage mode. The body is quite extraordinary and has systems in place to compensate for irregular eating patterns. When you go three or more hours without eating the rate at which your body burns calories slows down.

The reverse is also true. If the body learns food is coming at regular intervals, then the metabolism will speed up and burn calories at a more efficient rate. You will have more energy and minimize muscle loss. Going long periods without eating results in catabolism;The breakdown of muscle to be used for energy. You body needs energy from some where. So, if you are not eating, then the muscle is the last resort for energy supply. Why is catabolism bad?... because lean healthy tissue burns fat at much higher rates than body fat. Lean healthy muscle tissue is key to being lean.

I always tell by Toronto Boot Camp member this the first day they walk in. It will make all the difference!

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