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4 High-Performing Cross-Training Shoes for Lifting, Cross Training. Versatility, and Price in 2021

Hey Rob here ! Here is the low down on the top 4 High-Performing shoes in the market for 2021. I have used 3 different categories to rate them: The 1st Category is STABILITY. 2ND IS VERSATILITY, 3RD IS PRICABILITY.

So, first, Lets take a look at the the first category: STABILITY.

Stability is the main feature you want for weightlifting. In other words which shoe is most stable. I will talk about the most stable work my way down to least stable. Now keep in mind; All five of these choose are exceptional shoes out of the entire market. There are more subtle differences across the 4 of them when I am ranking them.

Ok let’s go! The most stable shoe would be the Nike Metcon 6. Here is the

This shoe is by far the most rigid. The sway from left to right is almost zero. This can be very useful when lifting 300 lbs or more over your head. You don’t want those knees swaying left or right.

The shoe has a very heavy plate and heal which runs down to the toe which is how it stays so rigid. The sole s very flat making it a great shoe to lift in.

Here it is for men , and women .

This trainer has a lower heel to toe offset for those who like to feel closer to the ground. There is an advantage when lifting heavy by being lower to the ground. This will translate to how much you can lift. The difference of being in a shoe closer to the ground is noticeable when you start lifting over 400 lbs. T

There is also a slight separation of heal and toe in the sole which allows for more flexibility. However, they are still rigid and flat enough to stop the sway. Which makes it a great second.

My third choice is the Reebok Nano x .

They have a unique Floatride Energy Foam Technology that provides the responsive cushioning of running shoes, while maintaining the performance and stability of men’s training shoes.

These shoes not as low to the ground as the previous two mentioned. You will notice responsiveness and cushion in the sole. However, they are still a solid lifting shoe.

My least stable number four choice is the Nike React Metcon Turbo. Men’s;, and women’s :

They are lightweight and have responsive cushioning which makes it softer on the foot. However, you can still lift up to 400. Lbs. There is a knit construction which zonally reinforced for durability. It also has a quick pull lacing system lets you make adjustments fast, so you can focus on your training and less on shoes.

Ok now for the second category: VERSATILITY AND DYNAMCIS:

When I refer to versatility I am referring to :plyometrics, sprints, agility, jumping, foot work and rope climbs.

Here are my most versatile to least…

My #1 choice is Metcon Flynit 3 . See mens here... and for women

The insole is very response and reactive. Overall, it is light weight and almost feels like track shoe. The is lots of flexibility between the toe and heel which allows maneuverability.

The sole is flat and has a rubber outsole that wraps up the midfoot for added toughness. There is firm plastic in the heel which provides stability too. There is a very nice balance between stability and flexibility.

Unlike the Metcon 6, the toe and heal are less connected and can move freely. The lightness of the shoes makes it feel very athletic. I find I can cross over very easy from heavy weightlifting to agility training and back.

This Trainer is great for multi directions and more reactive for shorter runs. It is very durable and great for rope climbs. It does great for resisting wear and tear too. So more durable than the other shoes. There is a special Lex weave Technology which weaves fibers into a figure-8 to create a strong and flexible upper.

The sole is very reactive and allows you to stay close to the ground. Very athletic, but narrow than others. So, if you have a wider foot that would be a something to consider. It has a lightweight upper, and it almost has a second skin feel. There is also heel cup for stability.

They are great for rope climbs but heavy in the heel. The harder heal makes it slightly less agile for plyometrics. So, it does not feel light and is slightly short of versatile. That is why is #4. However, remember all these shoes are high performance and great for either category. The differences are more subtle, but something to consider.

Finally, the 3rd category: Price ability.

1 Under Armour Tribase Reign 3 $127 to $188

2 Nike react metcon $150 to $230.

3 Reebok nano 10 .$130 to $340

4 Nike metcon 6 $180 to $280

5 Nike fly nets are $280 to $334.

The price will vary depending on colour and sizes. The smaller sizes are less common and will tend to cost more that the mid sizes.

So, there you have it. My top 4 choices of cross trainers in 2021. I hope you found this information useful and helps you on your fitness journey.

If you would like a break down of the Nike Flynit, I made a video review on it specially. Just because it is probably is my personal favourite all time shoe. Bootcamp of course is my business and flynit are great for bootcamp plyometrics etc. Anyways

You can watch here…

Talk soon. Rob


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