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The best boot camp in toronto

Alright, gyms are almost open so what now? Who do you go to?

One place you can check out is Toronto Fitness Blog!

NOT! I have a huge bone to pick with these Toronto Bloggers. I honestly think that the writers have never actually gone to the gyms that they are reviewing! EVER!

The only fitness gyms or bootcamps to get mentioned are huge corporations or franchises that are usually American owned. There is barley any mention of local Toronto boutique gyms owners that work hard at helping other locals in Toronto.

The last time their blog was updated was may 22 2019. This what their crappy site says as I write this.

There are soooo many gyms that are amazing and never get a mention. These great gyms are overlooked because a fee was handed to the Toronto Fitness Blog Writers. It is obvious the gyms that are actually reviewed played a large part in writing their own reviews on blogTO. There is no negative or critical unbiased points of view.

It is total bs! So what do you do? Stop reading blogTO. Total scam! In fact, I would not beleive any of the reviews for any product or service because there was so sort of sketchy kick back or fee involved.

>>>>> So, best to go to the actual gym that is close you or you have an interest in. Try it out and if you enjoy it, then the best thing you can do it write a review on google or Facebook. !

😊 Your fitness tribe will love you for it and you will be doing them a big favour!

Cheers. Rob


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