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What is the best protein powder?

Good question. As a trainer I always go for the cleanest source I can find. Some Trainers do not mind traces of other products. Other trainers are very concerned with what is in their protein powders.

Of course the selection out there is insane. The protein powder industry is not regulated very well. So some companies can put other trace amounts of ingredients that might not be so great for your body.

When picking a powder, the first 3 questions I ask is; Who makes it, and what is their reputation, and what do the ingredients on the label say?

If I see anything about it having a testosterone booster, or anabolic booster, any other words related to testosterone enhancement, then I stay clear away. That is red flag . I personally will not risk getting a harmful product just to increase my chances of getting bigger. The product must be clean. There is so much junk that is put in these powders these days. Best to do your home work.

In terms of taste. All powders are not created equal. In fact, some of the best and cleanest protein powders actually taste down right awful. However, if you add other natural ingredients like banana, mango, berries, or vanilla then you these protein powders can actually taste amazing.

There are so many recipes to choose from. When making your protein shake, you will want to make sure not to go overboard the fruit. Cashew or nut milk can give your protein shake a nice cream texture too.

If I had to choose a brand of protein powder. My all time number #1 choice would be Kaizen . Vanilla is my favourite, and they have choloate too. The container is 100% recycled, so I get the sense they are a responsible company.

The reason this is my top choice is because their protein powder is:

· Nsf contents tested & Certified

· Cold-processed, cross-flow micro and ultra-filtered non-denatured whey proteins

· Made in a peanut Free facility

As far as I know, they are reputable and clean and I trust it. The taste is amazing.

My second and close tie for first would be vega pro protein powder.

What I really like about vega pro is; It is plant based, non dairy, gluten free, and non GMO.

Both protein powders will help with muscle growth. But remember protein powders are only great if you are still getting most of your nutrition from whole foods like fish , chicken and beef, eggs.

Protein powder should enhance or supplement your det not replace it.

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Bye for now!


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