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What if I'm not physically fit?

No camper will be left behind or is asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely! Women and men of all age, abilities and fitness levels regularly will attend.




What can I expect to achieve?

You can expect to drop inches and pounds while becoming more fit. On average you'll drop 2-5 pounds, 1-2 dress sizes, and 2-5% body fat every 30 days. Exercises are designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce "bloat" and increase confidence.


How much?

If you were to work with me one-on-one you would pay at least $550-$850 a month. Even if you worked with a mediocre personal trainer you'd easily pay at least $400 a month (for an inferior workout.) 


But the good news is that you won't pay anywhere near that! . You will enjoy unlimited classes for little as $249 per month. There is never any obligation to continue and you can cancel it yourself any time.


PLUS as a bonus!...

After 12 months of transforming your body in boot camp, I will personally buy you a pair of designer skinny jeans to go along with your new improved physique.


Do I have to eat tasteless food or eat like a rabbit?
Actually quite the opposite. You will be eating more often.Approximately3 meals and 3 snacks a day will give you a metabolic boost and help you burn more fat! No more diets and fads.  Just  a few simple rules outlined by Health Canada.


Toronto Boot Camp
Toronto Boot Camp
Toronto Boot Camp

What is boot camp? What is the difference from other fitness gyms?

Good questions...Actually this is not a fitness gym. I don’t even sell memberships; I sell an outcome – RESULTS. This is a full body transformation service.


You are getting a trainer who will guarantees to change your body and give you amazing results fast. Or I will give you every penny back. That is what I specialize in.


Commercial gyms will just rent you space and equipment. They don't care if you see any changes. Their trainers charge $80-$140 and definitely do not guarantee anything!


 I help folks lose the weight that they cant lose on their own. I help people look, feel, and function more athletically.I help them lower their stress levels, lower blood pressure, lower their cholesterol, and lower their risk of heart disease. The list goes on... ALL WITHOUT MEDICATION!

That is priceless considering the state of obesity and inactivity in today’s society.

Would you like to see how well it works first hand for free?

Click yellow button below and get your free Body Diagnostic Consultation and Personal Training session (valued at $223)


I Look forward to helping you achieve 

your full potential!

Regards, Rob Gordy

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