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How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat

So, what is visceral fat and why is it so dangerous?

There are two types of fat in the body. One is subcutaneous fat, which most people are familiar with. It is just under the skin and can be seen more easily. This is usually what people want to get rid of first. However, there is a second type of fat: Visceral Fat.

Visceral fat is found inside your abdominal regions. It surrounds your vital organs. It is vital to your health and plays a critical role in keeping your body functioning. However, too much of this and it can become harmful.

Studies have tied visceral fat to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, heart problems, and some cancers. Luckily there are solid methods which can help you get rid of extra visceral fat.

I am going to talk more about the dangers of visceral fat, and strategies you can implement to get rid of it!

It is hard to see how much visceral fat you have surrounding your internal organs. A cheap body fat scan machine can give you an approximate idea. The machine uses an electric current, and will measure the speed of the electric pulse as it moves from one hand to the other. The faster it moves, the less fat you have.

There is an easier way to tell though. If you have a protruding belly and large waist, you could be carrying extra visceral inside. Do not confuse it with subcutaneous fat which can be pinched anywhere on the body, which resides just under the skin.

For example, some men will store extra fat on their chest. It has also been a cause for much stress, and nicked named moobs, or man breasts. The information in this article will help with both types of fat.

Why Is Visceral Fat dangerous?

Fat cells do much more than just provide extra energy. Fat cells also make hormones and inflammatory materials in your body. Visceral fat cells are active and produce even more inflammatory hormones. Some of the more common ones are IL-6, IL-1β, PAI-1 and TNF-α.

Eventually, left unchecked, these hormones can cause long term inflammation. This in turn can increase the risk of disease and health problems.

For example, some of the long-term negative effects could be a build up of harmful plaque which forms inside the arteries. This has been linked to heart disease.

Plaque is a nasty cocktail of cholesterol and other materials and can grow over time. After enough time this plaque build up may rupture causing blocks inside the arteries. That is when heart attacks result.

Diet fix…

Proper calorie intake is one very effective way to reduce visceral fat. Fat cells are stored energy. We need to start burning that extra energy or cutting the intake of extra energy or both. In other words, very methodically start taking in less calories than the body needs to maintain life.

We do not do it drastically. Crash dieting is a big no-no and will not work in the end.

So, for week 1, eat less at each meal than you normally do. We do not want to cut drastically. Just try using a smaller plate or putting 80% of the portion size you normally would.

Next reduce intake of calorie dense foods like rice and potatoes and increase your low leafy dark greens. That way you stay full by eating less calorie dense foods. Increase your intake of protein too.

A good rule of thumb is: One fist for carbs. 2 fists for veg, and 1 fist for protein. Use your hand as the measuring tool. Shoot for 40% to 45% Carbs, 35% to 40% protein, and 15% to 20% fats. I find this works very well for most of my clients.

I also personally take coffee every morning and before every workout. I find caffeine helps instantly ignite your body’s metabolism and incinerates fat all day long! There are a few other supplements I take in addition to coffee to help blast fat!

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To start burning off that extra visceral fat add more physical activity to your week. Heath Canada suggests one hour of moderate intense exercise every day. So, if you have not already, find a gym, bootcamp, or personal trainer to guide you. There are lots of options out there now! You can choose from online fitness help and in person coaches or classes. It so happens I have all those options! Reach out to me here at Gordy’s Bootcamp to see which works best for you.

Here are few sample workouts I made free here on my👉 You tube channel.

My superhero workouts are quite popular and would reduce your visceral fat and of course the subcutaneous unsightly fat fast!! 😊

Here is a very popular 👉Belly Fat Burner of Henry Cavil workout. (From the Superman Films). I have lots of them to try. So when you have a chance be sure to check them all out.

Remember combining regular aerobic, anaerobic, and weightlifting exercises with a healthy diet is more effective at cutting the visceral fat than doing either one alone.

Next try adding more soluble fiber to your diet…

Fiber splits up in two groups: soluble and insoluble.

The soluble fiber combines with water to form a jelly substance. The great thing about soluble fiber is it helps slow down the delivery of food from the stomach to the intestines.

So, when soluble fiber reaches the colon, it’s fermented with bacteria in the gut and converts into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are a great source of nutrition for colon cells. Soluble fiber may also suppress your hunger, which of course would cause you to eat less, thus eventually reducing your visceral fat stores.

Studies have shown that short-chain fatty acids help increase levels of fullness hormones, They can also help reduce levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Of course, this will all help with reducing calories and energy intake, which in turn will eventually reduce the visceral fat storage.

It has been found that increasing soluble fiber intake by 10 grams daily decreased the “chance the risk of visceral fat gain by up to 3.7%”

So how do you increase soluble fiber? You can find great sources of soluble fiber in flaxseed, flaxseed oil, sweet potatoes, chia seed, legumes and grains.

I always go for natural sources first before I reach for supplements. Eat more soluble fiber to reduce your visceral fat stores by using the power soluble fiber rich foods.

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As an added bonus: You will also receive fat loss meal plans that are delicious and FREE!

Eat More Protein

Protein is probably a key macro nutrient when it comes to fat loss and building lean muscle.

Protein intake can help you feel full longer and increase the hormones that make you feel full: GLP-1, PYY and cholecystokinin. It can also help reduce levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Protein can help give you a metabolic boost, which will help promote more weight loss and a decrease your overall visceral fat. It has also been seen in other studies that people who ate more protein also had less visceral fat.

So, you can see protein has power. In addition to all the hormones effect protein has, it’s also the building blocks for building lean muscle. Muscle is a metabolic machine which burns through energy fast! So, a healthy intake of protein along with a weightlifting routine, and cardio will reduce your overall visceral fat too! Bodybuilding for both men and women will be one of the best weapons for shedding visceral fat for good!

Reduce Sugar Intake

Processed or added sugar from food manufacturers is probably one of the worst things you ingest. It has no vitamins, minerals, nutritional value of any sort and having too much can lead to weight gain faster than any other type of food out there.

Just hands down toxic for the body.

It is widely known now, that those who have a higher diet of sugar have high levels of visceral fat. This should not really be a surprise though. It has also been shown to be a major factor in causing diabetes.

50 % of sugar is fructose and if taken in large amounts, the liver will turn it into fat. This leads to an increase of fat storage. So, less added sugar in your diet is a sure-fire way to lose visceral fat.

You can reduce your added sugar intake by simply eating more real foods. That is whole foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fish. Avoid anything in a box or can, and process foods as much as possible.

Food Manufacturers hide added sugar all the time in every day processed items. It is best to avoid it as much as possible to be safe.

Limit Alcohol Intake too!

Drinking a small amount of red wine can have health benefits. However, drinking too much alcohol may harm both your health and waistline. In fact, several studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol may encourage fat to be stored as visceral fat.

Moderation is key and best to be consumed in low quantities if you are looking to reduce that visceral fat! There you have it! If you need more help getting rid of visceral fat, then contact me!

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