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Are you SICK and TIRED of...


Your clothes not fitting the way they should?


Diets are difficult to follow and don't work?


Being self-conscious with how your body?


Feeling sluggish, and exhausted all the time?



Toronto Boot Camp

I know this feeling  more times than I care to remember. But after years of trial and tribulation I figured out the correct path to a fit healthy body. Hi, I am Rob Gordy. I am a personal trainer and founder of Gordy's Boot Camp Toronto. The formula for success can be broken in down to a four main elements: 

Toronto Boot Camp

Support System. When times get tough ( and it will!) you need a large support system of friends and coach to help you through. 


Expert Knowledge. Focus in and find an expert in the field who has done what you want to do and can show you how.


HAVE Proper Mind Set. Sometimes your biggest obstacle is you. However, once you start to become aware of self limiting believes you can change them. As you make that mental shift and can envision success the rest will fall in to place. I'm here to show you how!


Don't wait for the perfect day or some day in the future to have something. Have it right now, start now, believe it now, and you body will follow! That is how the professional athletes do it.


Act like a professional!

If you want to look like an athlete or perform like an professional athlete, then start acting like it! In fact, To me you are a high end athlete from the second you walk in to my boot camp. This does not mean I make you do a thousand burpees on day one. Safety and form always comes first.


What is does mean however is :(just to name a few) You will stop or cut down on your drinking, stop smoking, stop putting nasty processed food in your body, sleep 8 eights hours, and eat 3 clean meals and 3 clean snacks daily, hydrate properly, and train consistently .You will adopt habits of a professional!



PLUS! I'm backing this whole thing up with my HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Join Gordys Boot Camp Toronto today and try it out. If at any time you feel this program is not right for you, or  do not see amazing results; then I will refund every penny you ever spent here. No questions asked! There is no risk!

Rob Gordy Toronto Boot Camp Results Guarantee

What can I expect to see?

I have Incorporated all 4 of these principals right into boot camp. This program includes: a positive fun support system, top notch instruction, nutritional coaching and motivational training, goal setting, the right mind set, and athletic behaviour. It is designed to get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest and safest possible time regardless of your current fitness level. This approach is a lethal fat burning cocktail which will ignite your metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle long after the class is over, every single time! 

  • Firmer arms, legs, thighs and buns

  • Increased strength, energy, and vigour

  • Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest

  • Tighter, flatter abs- smaller waist

  • 4-12 lbs of weight loss

  • 3-6% decrease in body fat

  • Look and feel ten years younger

  • Greater confidence and self esteem

  • Increase muscle tone and flexibility

  • Decreased stress, tension and anxiety

  • Increased sense of overall welling being

  • Sleep better in increased productivity

  • Look and feel better in your favourite clothes



Easy-Peasy... No other Trainer in Toronto will guarantee results!


I have helped hundreds succeed. And now it is your turn. 


Would you like to see how well it works first hand for free?


Enter Click the yellow button  to schedule your free Body Diagnostic Consultatio and Personal Training Session (valued at $223)


I Look forward to helping you achieve 

your full potential!

Regards, Rob Gordy

Toronto Boot Camp
Toronto Boot Camp
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