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The Big lie!

The Big Lie.

Do you know the absolute BEST way to GAIN weight?

Not eating. Does that come as a surprise? Fasting for extended periods of time actually slows your metabolism (your body’s rate of calorie burning). Add to that the fact that you will lose muscle and energy by not supplying your body with proper nutrients. Instead of not eating at all try just eating less! Going long periods without eating will actually make fat increase. All my Toronto boot camp members follow this and see results.

Ever hear the term skinny fat? Flabby lose skin with no tone. Yes they are light on the scale but carry around too much extra body fat relative to their weight and height. Ever see those people who are thin, frail and have no muscle tone, but are skinny?

With out proper amounts of protein and nutrition the body goes into survival mode and actually clings on to body fat for dear life. However, since your body still needs energy; the process of anabolic catabolism (the break down of muscle) begins. The lean muscle tissue is broken down and converted into energy the body can use.

The result effect leaves your body low in lean healthy muscle tissue and high in unsightly body fat.So instead of going long period without eating; try eating more often at least every 2-3 hours smaller portions of nutritious food. This is why those extreme body builders who eat hoards of calories have such a low body fat. They eat often!

I'm not saying to eat extra tons of food, but what I mean is spread out your daily calorie target out over the day and divide into several meals. Instead of one big breakfast and dinner, take that same amount of food and divide it into smaller meals. Around 5 to 6 meals is much more effective.

If you are not sure what you daily calorie target is there are plenty of calorie counters or online apps that free. One I like to use is called Myfitnesspal. This is what I tell my Toronto boot camp members all the time, and they all see results when they make this shift. If you would like to know more or as me questions. Check me out at

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