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Workouts For Love Handles:8 Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handels!

Ok so not only do those love handles look bad, but extra fat sitting over the kidney area can increase your risk for kidney disease related problems.

So yes, getting you lean in this area is critical.

There are moves you can do work on these areas. However, first. You must keep in mind that spot reduction or reducing body fat in one part of the body really does not work well. You can however work a particular muscle to get stronger.

The good news is you can get rid of the love handles. Reduce your over all body fat % by making sure your body is in a slight calorie deficit. This can be done by increasing your workout intensity and eating slightly less than your body needs. Eat lots of protein and have a balance of resistance training and cardio in your workout regiment. There are tons of 45-minute workouts I give you for free on my YouTube channel you can do here.

Having said all that, there are still ways to sculpt and tone the love handle area. Here are some great exercises you can hit those pesky love handles with. The muscles that are closest to your love handles are the obliques. These are the muscle responsible for core activation and rotating your torso left and right. Add at least 4 of these moves in 4 times week for 3 sets to your current workout plan:

Drunken mountain climbers

This one of my favourites. Not only does it work on the core. But will hit those obliques too! You start out in a plank position on your hands or elbows , then lift one leg up towards your opposite elbow.

Then rotate the torso while you bring your knee up to the elbow. Go back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Try for 30 seconds for 3 sets. Not only will this kill your core but will really attack those love handles from every angle.

Love Handle workout exercise
Druken Mountain Climbers

Wipers: Lay on your back and put your fee up in the air. Swipe your legs left and right like car with window wipers . Move slowly and activate your core. Keep your head and hands on the ground and try 15 to 20 reps for 3 sets.

Oblique and Love Handle Exercise
Wiper Abs Exercise

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Side plank: Not only do these workouts hit your love handles but will also keep you back healthy. The muscle responsible for the spine are worked with these exercises and is big go-to for physiotherapists and health rehab pros.

Core Stabilizer and Love Handle Exercise
Side Plank Exercise

Plank rainbow. This is like a regular plank, how ever you sway your body left and right in the shape of an arc or a rainbow. This will work on more core stabilisers and hit those unsightly love hands again! Try 30 seconds for 3 sets to start .

V sit bike. With this exercise you sit at a 45-degree angle on your bottom. Feet on the floor or in the air. Knees are 45 degrees and hands lightly touch you ears. Rotate your torso left and right and active your core as much as possible. Remember pull in your belly button a little toward your spine for more activation. Try 30 sec for 3 sets to start.

Love Handle Oblique Exercsie
V-sit Bike Exercise

Chops. Here is another amazing oblique exercise which a top choice of many personal trainers. This is very functional and uses allot hip motions. Think of golf swing! Lots of rotation and obliques movements. You can use a band, kettlebell, or dumbbell, or medicine ball.

To Lose Love Handles Oblique Exericse
Chops Exercise

Discus throw. This is like the chop as it is done in a standing position and looks like one of the Olympics athletes wind up with a disc. However, you use a dumbbell, and the one difference is you are not going to launch it down the field. The Discus Dumbbell Throw motion is very similar and will give you the cut athletic look. Of course, it will help lose those love handles too!

Lose love handles exercise (oblique)
Discus Throw Exercise

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Side plank feet on box. Finally, he last one is super challenge in hits all those areas that are directly under the love handles. Starts with a low box to get use to it. Get in a side plank position and put your feet on the box. Keep the body nice and straight . One hand is on the floor and the other hand is in the air. Make a shape of a cross. Stay still for 30 seconds and try 3 sets.

Lose your love handles exercise (oblique)
Siide Plank Feet on Box

If you do all these workouts above for 3 times a week, I can assure you will feel difference in your core. You will also a noticeable difference in your obliques and love handles.

Remember you want to reveal muscle underneath by burning more fat and calories. The best way for that is used to add in some lifting or body building resistance training exercises and some Hiit.

Here are few you might really like here in my YouTube superhero workouts playlist.




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